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software developer

Software Development.Qualified Develping team.

Today businesses are adopting new techniques for better execution of their services .That’s why they are using different types of software to update their systems.Avragon technologies has an expert team of developers who are tailoring software according to the changing needs of clients.We provide “Customized” software that fit the requirements of the clients. If you have issues regarding data management, Sales record, Admin or HR. You can contact us for a quick and efficient solution of your specific problems in the form of software.

graphic design

Graphics Designing.Make our Customers Happy.

As the name suggests, graphics designing helps the organization develop their multi-media designs,advertisements, stationary printing of all kinds and object designs are required by the companies and other businesses .We hereby assure you of our expert support with unique promotional ideas and unique design.We have many templates of Ad - design, banners, screens ,cards and other printing objects required by companies.

web hosting

Content Management Make our Customers Happy.

A standard format content guarantees success while designing or developing websites, Apps or any other content based software. We have a professional team of English content writers, language experts, editors and other creative writers. We can provide you with this splended opportunity to get all sort of English content written from us without hiring a proper team and paying them high amounts as salaries etc. You can make an online arrangement with us through E-mail or live chat to get what you want and update your websites or any other online appearance on regular basis.


Search Engine Optimization.To Redefine your Brand.

Avragon technologies specializes in search engine optimization function. We provide SEO services at low prices with a result-oriented approach.Our expert SEO team ensures quick and efficient optimization of your website.We are always there for a complete support and back up for our web clients.

web hosting

App development Make our Customers Happy.

At Avragon we have developed an awesome competence to develope new apps for various devices and purposes. Our expert team can help you get different Apps that suit your requirements as to make your systems responsive and compatible to various online devices for rapid service delivery increased sales, better communication. And more specific allocation of resources. We develop these Apps for iphone Android Window phone App development is our core competence along with a sense of reliability and durability for you for our service standards.Many organizations have so far taken advantage from our experts regarding application development,its trainings and orientation along with different other online support to further explore different features of thse Apps.


Web Development.To Redefine your Brand.

Avragon Technologies takes pride while asserting that it has done a high- standard and professional web development. Our clients being various multinational companies, renowned agencies, growing businesses and profiled individuals. Web development is only good when the job is done under a professional umbrella and our team keeps in view every minute feature and detail required to run the website properly, with good traffic coming on it, alongwith its themes and designs, keyword selection and other features that will ensure its optimization on different popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. If you want an excellent online existence, Avragon is the best choice you can make.

Easy Configurable Options.

Choose from a wide array of Options for your best matched Customizations

Android Apps.

Avragon has the best team of designers who can design good Android Apps. If you are looking for a good Android App for your specific business needs, you are at the right place.


iPhone App.

Avragon has an expert and experienced team that can design and develop iPhone Apps that suit your business and individual requirements.


Window Phone Apps.

Just share with our experts the idea you want to work on and get high-tech, fastest and result-oriented Apps with innovative features.

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)

ERP is a set of integrated and interconnected applications that enhance and boast up the businesses through its ability to interlink all the stakeholders. We at Avragon will provide our clients with complete ERP solutions for the optimization of product planning, Cost reduction, service delivery through different applications, services as well as products.


E-Commerce is common among the top and growing companies around the globe. It is an online trading facility for increasing sales and fastest delivery. Here at Avragon we are all set to help our clients to E-Commerce their products and services. We can help you find out solutions regarding fastest electronic fund transfer, internet marketing, inventory management and mobile E-Commerce with complete support from us.