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Project Info:

Avragon Technologies has developed a very practical solution for ‘Real Estate’ search of plots, houses,lands and commercial properties. This was meant to facilitate different buyers and dealers as well as the property owners to virtually come into contact, exchange ideas and offers, negotiate prices and finalize the deals online without having to go by a hectic procedure to find the real owner and physically visit the locations of properties.

Avragon Technologies has made an extensive research over te current market trends for real estate, so we have come up with a complete solution for all the possible stake-holders involved in the buying and selling deals.

This is very wisely-tailored product made after extensive research and toil that will ensure more convinience to the user by making them its members and sharing with them different uploads through notificatinos and E-mails to inform them about various hot offers coming up in the market.

This website keeps track of all kinds of users, dealers and property owners alongwith their complete data and information like contact numbers, company names, loacations etc.

You can get great benefits from this website if you understand properties and want to play an intermidiary role between buyers and sellers. Our technical team has developed this product keeping in view all the aspects which are responsible for making a product, secured, safe, efficient and reliable. This means this is plug and play time, you do not have to worry about any development issuies as it is 100 % finished product. Further if, after purchasing the web based product you feel any inconvinience in properly running it, or any changes you want ot make in that, we are always here for your help and support 24/7

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