JNS Education

Project Info:

Avragon Technologies has the honor of serving many organizations with its products and services. Jns Education is yet another client of Avragon Technologies that has been taking advantage of our specially and specifically designed software that not only manages the overall activities but also interlinks different departments and stakeholders.

Jns Education is a Canadian organization which has been helping worldwide students to find the institutions of their choice along with the particular subject of their studies. Getting them admitted into these institutions as well as managing data and information regarding visa to be issued to the students seeking their help worldwide.

Jns Education has been using a special software designed to keep track of all the activities they are doing on daily basis. This software interconnects all the systems together for smooth and steady flow of activities. Avragon Technologies has been feeling pride in declaring that the above mentioned organization is using software designed and tested by its expert team. This software help JNS to assist students, find accommodation, home-stay or hostel facilities. This system is being used to give the students the transportation for a pick and drop on daily basis. In this software there are features that give parents and teachers the ease and access to the data and information about the students, subjects, exam date etc. This at the other hand assists the teaching staff and parents to monitor different activities from distant places, their students or teachers are involved. Students can check their date sheet, exams date, timing, subjects, syllabus, accommodation, fee structure etc. They can be the part of many societies by adding the other students virtually by sending them request and constantly staying in touch with one another.

This software has worked wonders and the credit goes to JNS education for choosing Avragon technologies for developing such a practical product which has been helping the said organization more efficiently and more user-friendly.

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