Captain Cooks

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Avragon Technologies proudly shares with you about our prestigious clients who have been taking advantage of our products and services. One of the best example is a leading food chain which has been opening new freanchises rapidly, we mean. "Captain Cook’s."

Captain cook’s, since its establishment in 2006 has believed in innovative systems for the sale of its food products like burgers, sandwiches, soups and different salads and drinks. Captain Cook’s has an online existence at We have helped the organization develop a website for increased sales and more business outlets.

Avragon technologies gave Captain Cook yet another solution to automatically manage and maintain its sales in real time. Cook’s can keep track of its sales with the help of specially designed. Point of sales terminal software, this software has details about every order that is placed with the cooking staff and at the counter. The deals, their prices, products sold, total amoun,t customer details, time and other relevant details can be added through this software to the accounts department, which can readily take prints of different sale reports for further daily analysis.

At Avragon our management ensures a regular and continuous value addition in With every passing day more and more people are becoming regular viewers and online visitors to this website. This is yet another evidence of our professional approach, continuous improvement policy, innovative school of thought and belief in our team’s professional and interpersonal skills.

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