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Everything you need to know about our Company

We have a specialized team of developers having experience of more than 5 years of international exposure. They have a clear knowledge and expertise in handling complex projects for the clients. These developers have served more than 500 clients world wide and created 1000 web applications for them. Our organization is honored to have such development team who has the ability to hear and fulfill customer requests in a remarkable way.

Why Hire Developers?

A developer creates the online face of your company and enables you to interact virtually with your customers. There are two possibilities when you need to hire a developer.
1- Product Development
2- Software Houses

Product Development

If you are an entrepreneur and going to bring a new product to market, or modifying existing products there is a need to hire developers. They will guide you about all the processes involved in getting the new product to market. But this hiring sometimes becomes hectic and expensive and the project fails to meet its objectives for budget, performance and schedule. So, it’s especially important that you hire the right talent for the first time out.

Software Houses

If you are running a software house, you are likely be developing and designing software and applications, negotiating customers, managing social media, developing blog content and much more. If you are managing a new or emerging software house you may not have the access to more experienced and highly qualified developers due to the inadequacy of budget. Both the cases are referring you to hire or lease a virtual team of developers. Leasing team can cut short your project development time and minimize the cost. You can also hire a project coordinator who can take responsibility of coordinating with the virtual team. He can work either from your office location or your city. It is definitely cost effective, time saving and convenient to adopt.

What we Offers?

We provide you professional developers who are palpably excited and positive towards their work. They have an existing process and work flow in place which creates a much smoother experience for the client. They are able to help prevent common problems that could arise during your project, saving your time and money. These developers are also good communicators. You can have a clear overall view of the project. The client can choose a developer of required skill set, domain knowledge, business vertical etc, by conducting a technical skill test or interview. We also sign a Confidentiality agreement with our developer.